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Hey! My name's Garrett. I like to develop websites in my spare time, along with tons of other super nerdy yet cool computer stuff. I spend a lot of long nights developing all of this cool stuff.

When I started to get rather good at this stuff, I figured, why not make money off of it? It's the single most great idea, ever? Right? That's where you come in! You'll get an awesomely coded website, made personaly by me, for you.

I enjoy my aviators.

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The Whole Process

Contact & Idea

You contact me, and from there, we brain-storm about what would look nice.


I sketch up an idea for where everything will go, and plan what I want to write in, or decide where your text should go.


Code Bound! From now on, I code everything that I sketched, making improvements along the way.

Delivery & Payment

You send payment through paypal, and I deliver the final project (via download on website)